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The NEARS Transportation Person of the Year award is a special recognition given to an individual in the transportation industry who has made a significant positive impact on the rail industry, especially in the Northeast Region of North America, which NEARS represents. 
The criteria for a Nominee is the following:
The NEARS Hall of Fame Award is a special recognition given to NEARS Executive Directors, Officers, Board Members, and other individuals who have made personal and professional contributions to the success and welfare of the rail industry in the Northeast Region of North America, and directly to the NEARS organization. The criteria for a nominee is the following:
The NEARS Board of Directors will take nominees up to a designated date before the NEARS Spring Board of Directors Meeting, which follows the NEARS Spring Conference. The Awards Committee will read the nominations and choose recipients based on outstanding positive impact and merit. The award will be given at the Fall Conference of the nominating year. Nominations are good for only one year. If no nominations are received, no award will be given out for that year. The Awards Committee can also choose not to have an award recipient for any given year, regardless of the nominations received.
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